Inviting Family is Not Always Appropriate But Here’s When You Should Do It!


The choice that most companies face when organising a day out for its employees is whether to invite members of staff or double the size of the event by inviting partners and family.


To get to the bottom of it, one needs to take a step back and ask the very basic question: Why are we doing this fun day out for our employees?


First of all, such an event is always considered as a teambuilding event whether it is evening drinking at Cheeky Monkey, a BBQ by the pool at the Luzzu Lido or a fun quiz night at the stylish Luzzu Hall. An employer wants to make sure that, if the company is investing money, it is leaving the desired effect.


Seeing your staff having fun and socialising with each other is one type of teambuilding. However there is another ‘technical’ side of the teambuilding process in which CEOs and HR Managers are quietly studying their people to make sure that all the building blocks are all in place and compatible with each other to ensure a strong and reliable team especially when the going gets tough. A family day out will not necessarily give you the ‘technical’ answers that you are looking for.


Indeed, the nature of a family day out is rather different and is considered as an outing free of pressure or expectations – the message would undoubtedly be to just ‘chill out and bond with your colleagues’. Of course, your workmates are not all the same age or social status…some are single, others have a partner, whilst others have a wife and kids to bring along. This is where people turn up to the event and present their very true selves of who they are in their private life….and this is where it starts to get really interesting.


Bonding with your colleagues and creating that camaraderie feel has to involve interest on a personal level and beyond work-related topics. A family day out can later help spark off a quick early Monday morning question like…’’Morning Sarah!… How did your young son do on his first day of football training over the weekend?’’… all of a sudden the workplace looks more familiar and attractive for Sarah and she has the welcoming feeling of being a different individual like we all are, not just a number reporting to work.


And this is the key attraction of a fun family day out…it gives your people the chance to be themselves and be proud of it….Sarah is a mum of a toddler who is aspiring to be a football star, Anna is a dedicated long-distance runner, Tim is a car enthusiast, Paul is a Liverpool fanatic, etc etc.


It is at this point where a company starts feeling like one big family and where everyone starts being more understanding and compassionate with each other. When motivation is running low, there is no better way to lighten up your colleague’s day by reminding a daddy how cute his little daughter was at the family day out.


Make it a memorable day for your valued team members and make sure that people are still talking about it weeks later….get in touch with AX Hotels Qawra so that we can give you more ideas of what we can do for you.

Karl Abela

Karl Abela
Events Sales Manager at AX Hotels Qawra