How Do You Choose the Perfect Location for You?


Just like manufacturing companies synchronise production belts and machines to work in tandem with each other, so too do companies that depend on their human workforce. However, with humans, it could be a bit more delicate.


As a people’s manager, you need to discover your team yourself, continuously. This is where team building activities come in. Just like a football team, the coach profiles his players individually to use their strengths efficiently in different areas of the pitch, whether defensive, offensive, playmaking, or team leadership to execute the game strategy. And we can provide the location for it.


A fun, zero-pressure environment is crucial to bring out the real character of a person. The Luzzu Complex presents companies with the opportunity of holding such events with a beautiful backdrop of the Mediterranean sea which is a perfect natural remedy to diffuse tension. The Luzzu Complex provides modern indoor conference space accompanied by a pool area which is perfect for outdoor games as well as pool games and watersports. We can host the ideal day out, starting with early afternoon seminars, followed by late afternoon outdoor games and closed off with a BBQ & Dance evening.

Karl Abela

Karl Abela
Events Sales Manager at AX Hotels Qawra