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The start of spring in Malta, generally, means that summer is around the corner. With more daylight, good weather and higher temperature forecasts, suddenly all living creatures start coming to life. Flowers blossom, creatures’ multiply and us humans start creeping out of our concrete buildings to enjoy the ‘outdoor social life’.


This is quite a far-reaching term depending on the individual, and it could mean anything from dining Al Fresco, beach life, bbq’s, village feasts, open-air air parties/concerts, kids’ summer holidays, etc. All of a sudden everyone seemingly wants to go to the same place at the same time. Organising a group event for your work colleagues or your favourite Facebook group starts looking a bit challenging in terms of value for money and logistics.


Beat the heat and start planning your calendar now

As with any summer event, pinpointing your event dates early enough will give you a head start. You might get better early bird prices and you will have a wider choice of available dates and venues.


Hot dates and Hot spots

A tip worth sharing is to look up the ‘hot’ dates and try to avoid them. You will have a better chance of negotiating a better deal. Hot dates are generally an eve of a public holiday or company shut down periods, so try to look for alternative dates. And the most obvious places-to-be in Malta are usually dearer in price and arriving to the location could be a nightmare unless you own a motorbike or a helicopter.


Make your summer event interesting and memorable

A social event usually revolves around the eating and drinking aspect, but there is so much more to life than just that. Stimulating laughter and jolly conversations between guests are key ingredients to ensure that the event does not stop when the booze finishes. You know that the event was a success when you hear people talking about the event for many weeks after. This is, after all, the whole scope of bringing people together so that they can look forward to the next reunion. We can suggest several ideas that do not break the bank and which will turn the event into an unforgettable one. Imagine, for example, bringing back the past funny moments that you have recorded on video or photos, such as a colleague dressed up as cupid on Valentine’s Day being shown on big screen during your event…you will have everyone crack up with laughter.


By the sea…where else?

It’s a known fact that the sea has a soothing and bonding effect especially if your daily routine is spent in an office or endless traffic jams. Imagine sharing a beautiful sunset moment to the sound of waves gently hitting the shores with your friends and colleagues…priceless!


At the Luzzu Complex, we can combine all of the above. Our halls and outdoor pool areas are literally by the sea. Group BBQ’s, corporate receptions, staff parties, etc… You name it, we do it.


Book your event at Luzzu Complex today!

Karl Abela

Karl Abela
Events Sales Manager at AX Hotels Qawra